Artist's Statement: 2012

An artist uses the picture plane to merge two perceptions of reality; the experience of the outside world and the experience of the inner. I want painting to be a reflection of that condition. Whether the image presents a recognizable subject or remains non-objective, this balance is what gives the work its integrity. The activity of the artist is, basically, to create / invent symbols; symbols by which others can measure their own perceptions.

My work evolves through a process of spontaneous accident and refinement of forms. The final image, containing strata of accidental forms and refinements, is informed by years of painting landscapes, figures, still lifes and portraits. How "realistic" or "abstract"  the finished work is does not become an issue as long as it maintains the inner balance mentioned above. 

A painting should possess an element of "color expansion" where two colors are more beautiful together than either color would anticipate. I believe in the pursuit of quality in drawing, in composition, in unity and in elegance. This is the mark of traditional painting. I also believe that a painting should propose an idea or perception that is challenging to the viewer. Thus, I feel that a good work of art should contain quality in its execution, elegance in its form and demonstrate a nobility of thought.

Sandy McBride


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